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Chief Programmer and Designer

Daddy Bigbelly

Lead Artist and Wine Specialist

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Bitnuts Crew

Baby Flapper is a Flappy game where your goal is to teach Baby Flapper to fly by flying with Mama and Papa Bird. As you fly better and better, Baby Flapper also learns to fly better by itself. Think of all the hype on machine learning, here you do Baby Flapper learning! As the Birds fly further, you gain achievements and apparel for the Birds!


See the gameplay in the video above and go install the best flappy game for yourself using the buttons below!! :)

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Lennu Run is the cutest running game! It features the cutest dog, Lennu. Your job is to help him have a good run in his home forest.

Features intuitive controls, tilting (rotating) your device screen left or right makes Lennu run uphill (slower) or downhill (faster). The cutest graphics and sounds! Give Lennu lots of love and you will see him run in new places, gain more apparel and lots more!


See the gameplay in the video above and go install the cutest running game for yourself using the buttons below!! :)

Lennu Run

Welcome to Bitnuts Gaming

Casual game development, casually..

Emoji Wars

Top-down 2D shooter. Take over the corporate networks, rescue the world. The usual stuff.

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